The Samoyed Today by Pam Taylor. The very latest book on the Breed. Published in the Millenium Year, 176 pages with 100 colour photographs….. This book was released in early September 2000 and is now on general sale Worldwide. A copy can be purchased directly by contacting Pam. Price £19.95 plus p.&p (Add £2 in UK).

Here's what people have had to say about The Samoyed Today;
Nick Waters reviewing in the Dog World, wrote: "Pam Taylor gathered around her a knowledgeable group of guest contributors, and between them, the result is the excellent The Samoyed Today. Unlike most other breed books, the first chapter is not breed history - instead, grouped together are short personal stories of individual Samoyeds bravery, devotion and companionship. After reading that one chapter alone, I felt I was beginning to understand and know the Samoyed"

UK "Some great pictures of overseas Sams and some ones not seen before."

AUSTRALIA "Everyone who has seen the book so far has been impressed with the look and content"

POLAND "Words are not enough to say how much I admire your book for the exact and matter of fact information, with out loosing the poetry of Samoyeds"

CANADA "This is an EXCELLENT book, not just another Sam book to be parked on pet store shelves. The Samoyed today offers refreshing, different content.

FINLAND "This is a fine book, great, with lovely photos".

USA "The book was a very popular item at the SCA silent auction. This resulted in a considerable donation to the Canine Health Fund"

SWEDEN "The book is very fine"

NEW ZEALAND Robyn Parsons of Montage Books. NZ. Writes, "In this highly comprehensive book on the breed, the author traces the origins of the Samoyed From sleddog to glamorous show dog and loyal companion. There is also a special guide to the top dogs in the breed. This is the book the Samoyed fraternity have been waiting for."